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Worksafe is allied with a advocacy groups, scientists and academic experts, unions and labor activists, diverse working communities, like nail salon technicians and car wash workers, environmentalists, legal aid programs - and you.

Worksafe's mission advances a broad social justice agenda - making companies accountable for the safety of workers who directly contribute to their profits, ensuring the sustainability of our planet by limiting exposure to toxic chemicals in the workplace, empowering worker communities whose low-wage or immigrant backgrounds make them vulnerable to civil rights abuses, and protecting the welfare of families when a loved one is injured or tragically killed.

When you support Worksafe, you extend our reach and send a message of hope to over 145 million working Americans who face the risk of serious, work-related injuries and illnesses. Reaching our goals for meaningful change will depend on your support.

By making a donation to Worksafe today you add your voice to our collective efforts to stand up for the health and safety of workers, especially the most disadvantaged members of our society.

Thank you!

Worksafe is tax exempt under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code Tax ID #94-2939540, and all gifts are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

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Donate by Check

To make a donation by check, please address your check to Worksafe and mail it to:
1736 Franklin Street, Suite 500
Oakland, CA 94612

Donate by Phone

Contributions by credit card are accepted by phone. Make a commitment to give a certain dollar amount within a certain time frame or on a specific date. You can customize the distribution of your pledge to match your preferences. We accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Please contact us at (510) 922-8075.

Make a Tribute Gift

All donations to Worksafe can be made in memory or in honor of someone special to the donor.

You may make a tribute gift by check, over the phone, or through our online donation page.

When memorializing someone, please provide the name of the person being memorialized and the contact information indicating to whom Worksafe should send an acknowledgment letter of the memorial gift. When honoring someone, please provide the name and address of the honoree in order that we may send them an acknowledgment letter.

Your tribute will be published on our website, unless your prefer otherwise, and we will provide an email invitation to be forwarded to friends and family for viewing the tribute.

Join the Monthly Giving Club

The Monthly Giving Club provides an opportunity to pledge your continued support to Worksafe all year long!

Just select “I want to make a recurring donation” on our secure, easy online donation form.

For more information or to join the Monthly Giving Club by phone, please contact us at (510) 922-8075.

Become a Member of the Cornerstone Group

Worksafe would like to show our gratitude towards our major gift level donors who have demonstrated a higher level of investment in our work through select invitations to special events, Worksafe updates, and prominent recognition in Worksafe publications. A contribution of $500 or more will automatically enroll you into our Cornerstone Group.