Methyl Iodide on Trial: Bad for Public Health, Food Security, Worker Safety and the Environment

Posted on Jan 12, 2012
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Pesticide Warning Today, a lawsuit filed in December 2010 by Earthjustice and California Rural Legal Assistance - on behalf of several farmworkers and a number of activist groups, including Worksafe, Inc., against the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) and Arysta LifeScience – heads back to court. At issue is the approval of methyl iodide for agricultural use here in California.

Methyl iodide is a particularly nasty carcinogen. Fifty-four eminent scientists, including six Nobel Laureates in Chemistry, called it “one of the more toxic chemicals used in manufacturing” and questioned the wisdom of U.S. EPA’s approval of the chemical in the first place.

It poses the most direct risks to farmworkers, particularly young workers, and neighboring communities; a team of independent scientists determined that it would likely result in exposures far above levels of concern, unless the size of spray buffer zones was “several hundred feet to several miles.”


Meet Methyl Iodide - Toxic Fumigant

Posted on Jan 7, 2010
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Strawberry The California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR) is considering whether or not to register methyl iodide for use in California, primarily for growing strawberries.

Methyl iodide, a highly carcinogenic chemical used to induce cancer in laboratory animals, would be one of the most toxic pesticides (PDF) on the market in California.

Methyl iodide is a water contaminant, nervous system poison, and thyroid toxicant. It is listed on California’s Proposition 65 list of chemicals known to cause cancer.