Car Wash Workers

Posted on Dec 11, 2009


Some 10,000 workers in Los Angeles are the backbone of the highly profitable car wash industry. But the profits are largely derived from employers’ violations of workers’ legal rights.

There is rampant violation of minimum wage, overtime, rest and meal period, workers' compensation, and occupational health and safety laws. Workers suffer from exposure to toxic materials, inadequate drinking water provisions, and lack of protective gear.

Worksafe has initiated and participated in efforts to address the health and safety hazards faced by car wash workers for over six years.


Skin and Lung Irritants

Posted on Dec 9, 2009


During 2009, Worksafe staff attended several meetings of Cal/OSHA’s Sensitizer stakeholder group with the goal of finalizing a regulation regarding sensitizers in California’s workplaces. Click here for information about this regulatory advisory committee and minutes from Cal/OSHA.

Sensitizers are substances known to cause occupational asthma and permanent disability. There are currently no workplace protections mandated by Cal/OSHA to protect workers against sensitization. Permissible exposure limits in California’s workplaces are not set to protect against sensitization.


Multi-Employer Worksites

Posted on Nov 18, 2009

Construction Workers Multiple employers work on jobsites in industries such as construction, agriculture, and refineries, each potentially creating hazards for their own employees as well as the employees of other employers.

Under California law, the “controlling employer” on multi-employer jobsites such as a general contractor may be held liable for the health and safety violations of its subcontractors. The law defines a controlling employer as one who has responsibility for safety on a multi-employer worksite and the authority for ensuring that hazardous conditions are corrected.