Our Work

Our Campaigns and Projects

Worksafe utilizes a wide range of tools and approaches in pursuing our goals for safe and healthy workplaces. We engage in campaigns and take on projects in coalition with unions, workers, community, environmental and legal organizations, and scientists to eliminate hazards and toxic chemicals from the workplace.

We invite you to visit Our Campaigns and Projects to learn more about Worksafe’s efforts to improve health and safety in the workplace and to explore the issues that interest you.

Our Legal Support Services

Prevention of and remedies for occupational injuries and toxic exposures is critical in a legal services setting to stave off a revolving door of unemployment and homelessness due to injuries and illnesses. Low-income jobs are typically the most hazardous jobs. Without any access to occupational safety and health legal services, a legal services client can be removed from the workforce creating new demands for income stabilization services.

Worksafe offers training, legal technical assistance and advice, and advocacy support to nonprofit legal services programs in California who represent these workers in matters regarding workplace safety and health and toxic exposures.

To learn more, or if you are a legal aid provider who needs assistance, please visit Our Legal Support Services section.