Our Board of Directors

Worksafe is governed by a volunteer board of directors. The board is currently comprised of 13 members. These board members represent a broad range of professions and interests that relate to workplace health and safety and to meeting the needs of the constituents we serve.

Our diverse board of directors includes members who have substantial technical and legal expertise, many decades of relevant professional experience, and passionate dedication to promoting worker health and safety. Their active involvement is invaluable to Worksafe in our efforts to strengthen workers’ rights.

Board Members

Chair: Matthew DeCarolis

Vice Chair: Danielle Lucido

Secretary: Suzanne Teran

Treasurer: Debra Chaplan

Justin Bosl

Alor Calderon

Linda Delp

Surit Suzi Goldmacher

Robert Harrison

Laura Kurre

Mitch Seaman

Jeremy Smith

Ryan Spillers