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2015 "Dying at Work" Report Released

Posted on May 1, 2015
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Hundreds of men and women once again died before their time in 2014, or were injured or made ill. They were simply trying to provide for themselves and their families, and, time and again, the conditions underlying these tragedies were entirely preventable.

Every year, the production of this report is a sobering reminder of the real consequences of unabated hazards and employer intransigence, of the prioritizing of profit over the people whose labor makes it possible.

We hope that the information, statistics, and, especially, stories contained here will serve to remind us of what’s at stake, and spur us all to action in each of our roles—as citizens, advocates, stakeholders, policymakers, and fellow workers.

This report is dedicated to the workers profiled, the countless others whose stories we never hear, and their families and communities. Click here to download the report (PDF).

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