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What About Indoor Heat Hazards?

Posted on Dec 2, 2009
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Workers employed in agricultural packing sheds, retail and food distribution warehouses, and other closed, poorly ventilated environments, are also at risk of heat illness and death when summertime temperatures soar above 90 degrees. There are, however, no specific California regulations to address the problems of indoor heat illness.

Most recently, we have directed our efforts toward solving the indoor heat illness problem through legislation requiring Cal/OSHA to develop an indoor heat illness standard. A tragic incident involving the death of a machinist at a Stockton, California warehouse in the summer of 2008 provided a strong impetus for launching this legislative initiative. A bill sponsored by the California Conference of Machinists and co-sponsored by the California Federation of Labor, AB 838 (Swanson), was introduced on February 26, 2009. Given the political climate in California—especially the fact that a similar bill, AB 1045, passed through the Legislature in 2007 but was vetoed by Governor Schwarzenegger—this will likely be a multi-year effort, with the best chance of success in a new Administration. We will continue to be involved in efforts to protect workers from indoor heat illness, including any developments on the legislative front.
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